In social casino games, customer service matters (Facebook)

When you think of customer service in casino games, your mind probably goes to friendly dealers, understanding security, and a buffet table that never runs low. But when you’re playing casino games in the comfort of your browser on Facebook, none of these trappings should affect your experience. So why does customer service matter? Because it makes money, that’s why. A new report from the analytics firm Traffic Generation has revealed that a whopping 39% of social slots players who’ve contacted customer service are also monetizing users. In fact, this seemingly niche section of players accounts for 37% of a …Read more »

32% of social slots players visit real casinos weekly (Facebook)

Here’s an interesting number for you casino owners out there: 32%. That’s the number of social slots gamers in the United States who are visiting brick and mortar casinos on a weekly basis, or so says a new report from the analytics firm Traffic Generation. To gather this data, they surveyed 2118 social slots players in the US and asked one simple question: On average, how often do you visit a bricks-and-mortar casino? You can find the full state-by-state breakdown at (it turns out that social gamblers in Utah are real fuddy-duddies), but when taken as a whole, 32% of respondents said …Read more »

EA shutting down SimCity Social, The Sims Social, and Pet Society (Facebook)

Flick off the lights. The party’s over. According to an announcement from EA this morning, SimCity Social, The Sims Social, and Pet Society are all going offline on June 14. Once those three titles go dark, Playfish’s social Facebook presence will fade into blackness, too. The Latest Facebook Game Updates from Gamezebo

Wanted: Social Media Intern for Gamezebo (Facebook)

Do you tweet as much as you play games?  Prefer pinning pictures of cats playing video games to food recipes?  Know what Pheed and Vine are? Then we want you to come join us as Gamezebo’s first social media intern. The Latest Facebook Game Updates from Gamezebo

Disney’s social games go to Oz with new Oz The Great and Powerful updates. (Facebook)

It’s not easy to make your way to Oz (its public transportation is made entirely of tornadoes and is terribly unreliable as a result), which is why Disney is bringing Oz to you. This week, some of Disney’s social games are getting an update to reflect the theatrical release of Oz The Great and Powerful. Players will be able to access lots of fashions and accessories from the home of the Yellow Brick Road. The Latest Facebook Game Updates from Gamezebo

Facebook reveals top user-rated social games of 2012 (Facebook)

With the end of the year fast approaching, we’re starting to see all sorts of lists and analytics about games. One of the latest comes from Facebook, who detailed the top 25 games on their platform in terms of user rating and engagement levels. Not every title will come as a surprise, but it’s an interesting list all the same. The Latest Facebook Game Updates from Gamezebo

With Disney buying Lucasfilm, can a Star Wars social game be far behind? (Facebook)

In an effort to own just about every media property I’ve ever loved, Disney announced their $ 4.05 billion purchase of Lucasfilm today, granting them complete ownership of the Star Wars franchise.  Marvel Comics, The Muppets, Star Wars… is there anything awesome they don’t own at this point? The Latest Facebook Game Updates from Gamezebo

Madden NFL Social Walkthrough (Facebook)

Madden NFL Social is a sports simulation game developed by EA. Throughout the game, players get to take to the field with their favorite NFL football team and make plays with their favorite players against their friends. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game. The Latest Facebook Game Updates from Gamezebo

Madden NFL Social Review (Facebook)

Gamezebo Rating: The thought of NFL football as a turn-based game seems a little strange — unless you’re a Chiefs fan, in which case you’re wishing other teams would let you play that way. Yet taking turns with your friends is the focus of Madden NFL Social, which looks to shake up the sameness of EA’s last round of social sports games with asynchronous cross-platform play on Facebook and (eventually) iOS devices. The Latest Facebook Game Updates from Gamezebo

SimCity Social gets into the real estate business with Century 21 (Facebook)

When you really think about, the social city simulation experience can be summed up best in two words: real estate.  Everyone want to be the next Donald Trump.  Buying land expansions, building condos and commercial strips, collecting rent – it’s all about the money.  But these games all tend to overlook the most essential element of the realty market: buying and selling. The Latest Facebook Game Updates from Gamezebo

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