How the Games Industry Tried to Fool You Today (Facebook)

If you haven’t already noticed, it’s April Fool’s Day. Whether you figured it out by now from a bogus news article, a text from your Uncle telling you he’s won the lottery, or even or our shenanigans at Gamezebo, the day is celebrated around the world as a day of kind-hearted trickery. Like Halloween but with no treats, April Fool’s Day is celebrated by pretty much everyone, –from the science industry to the snack industry, no one is safe. Gamers are certainly not excluded from the fun, as evidenced by this huge list of pranks seen throughout the games industry …Read more »

WhatsApp with games and chat? (Facebook)

Now that a week has passed since Facebook bought WhatsApp for $ 18 billion, it’s time for our obligatory post about it. Just to get it out of the way, I have no clue why Facebook bought WhatsApp for this amount.  My guess is that Facebook’s social network is dying (especially among teens) but its ad platform is revolutionary.  Buying WhatsApp and its 450 million global users enables Facebook to remain on top for mobile and ads, though given WhatsApp owns no real data on its users, that’s in theory.  Mark Zuckerberg is far smarter and more successful than I, …Read more »

Free-to-play games under the regulatory microscope in Europe (Facebook)

The reaction to free-to-play games that monetize by the use of in-app purchases (or IAPs, for short) depends on where you ask about them. They’re a normal part of the gaming culture in Asia and looked upon with skepticism but warily accepted in North America. In Europe, though, they’re now under the microscope. reported this morning that the European Commission is huddling with consumer protection groups in multiple nations to get some clarification on parts of the free-to-play model it finds troubling. The Commission’s concerns include protecting children from IAPs (and preventing them from bugging parents to buy for …Read more »

Introducing Rovio Jr: a new program for educational games (Facebook)

You might be able to indirectly learn something about physics by playing Angry Birds, but it’s not exactly a learning game. That doesn’t mean the company behind the unstoppable franchise can’t try something a little more high-minded, which is exactly what Rovio is gearing up to do – with the help of some third-party developers. Rovio told PocketGamer that it is seeking educational games from other developers to publish as part of its new Rovio Jr line. The intended audience of these games would be kids from pre-school to middle school. Educational games can be a tricky field, but there’s …Read more »

Great games to play with your loved one this Valentine’s Day (Facebook)

Ah, love is in the air this Valentine’s Day! I’m sure a lot of people will be making a fancy dinner at home for their boyfriend or girlfriend. Others might be going to a sold-out Broadway show with their husband or wife. But since you’re here reading this article on Gamezebo, I’ve got another idea: why not play some great games with your loved one this February 14th? Maybe they’re a fun way to collaborate or simply pass the iPad around, but the odds are your partner will love the following list of games almost as much as they love …Read more »

The best games of #CandyJam (so far) (Facebook)

After last week’s debacle involving game developer King trademarking the word CANDY, game developers around the world vented their frustrations by participating in the Candy Jam, a game jam event designed solely to passive-aggressively taunt the trademark system as well as King’s other embarrassment from last week, being accused of ripping off another developer’s game. The Candy Jam website sets its mantra as: “Because trademarking common words is ridiculous, because ethics matter and because it gives us an occasion to make another game jam.” Developers have since been working on creating their games, and uploading them to the Candy Jam …Read more »

Amazon will Conquer the Games Market (Facebook)

It faced down long-established booksellers in 1994, expanded that fight to big box retailers a few years later – and, in 2011, it took on Apple and Google with the launch of the Kindle Fire tablet. Now it has its eye on the mobile gaming market – and to win this fight, it will need to take its gloves off. The Kindle Fire is already a decent gaming device. 70% of all users play games on it – with ARPU’s that are higher than Google Play and neck-to-neck with Apple. But there’s room to grow. And while Amazon might be …Read more »

12 year old takes a joyride to the border, blames video games (Facebook)

When scouring the globe for the latest in gaming gossip, it’s not often that a story comes out of my local paper – but hey, it had to happen sometime. On Tuesday, January 28th, a 12 year old boy from St. Catharines, Ontario decided to take his grandmother’s Nissan Altima for a joyride. Unlike most kids who do such silly things and crash before the end of the block, this kid got pretty far. All the way to the Canada/US border, in fact. The Queenston-Lewiston Bridge acts as one of several gateways in Niagara between Canada and the United States, …Read more »

In social casino games, customer service matters (Facebook)

When you think of customer service in casino games, your mind probably goes to friendly dealers, understanding security, and a buffet table that never runs low. But when you’re playing casino games in the comfort of your browser on Facebook, none of these trappings should affect your experience. So why does customer service matter? Because it makes money, that’s why. A new report from the analytics firm Traffic Generation has revealed that a whopping 39% of social slots players who’ve contacted customer service are also monetizing users. In fact, this seemingly niche section of players accounts for 37% of a …Read more »

Games Like The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Facebook)

There’s no denying how popular EA’s The Simpsons: Tapped Out has become on the App Store these days, and for very good reason: the game is just an absolute blast, and a pure delight for Simpsons fans everywhere. After all, what’s not to love about a game that lets you recreate your very own version of Springfield, complete with all of the wacky friends and neighbors from the TV show that you’ve gotten to know oh so well? So we thought it’d be a good idea to make a list of some of our favorite games that have also “tapped” …Read more »

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