Diamond Dash Cheats and Strategies for Beginners

Diamond Dash is a fun and exciting Match-3 style game on Facebook. What separates this game from the pack is the incredibly fast-pace of the game (you only have a minute to play each round) and the excitement of competing with your friends for all-time high scores.

This game is a puzzle game where the main task is to look for identical colors of diamonds. You need to find groups of 3 or more, and the larger the groups the better. The diamonds do not need to be in a straight line.

Getting Started with Diamond Dash

First you need to log on to you Facebook account. And search the Diamond Dash were you search your friends and wait for it to appear. And just click the “PLAY” and then you will see the very cute panda. This game is very easy and you can recommend this game to friends.

Kind of Like Bejeweled Blitz?

Although there are many comparisons to other popular Match-3 style games, especially Bejeweled Blitz, Diamond Dash is different in many important ways. It plays at a much faster pace and is simply more fun and less complicated to play. In Bejeweled Blitz, you have to find three similar gems to connect each other and you should click the one and exchange it to other gems to form a straight line either horizontal or vertical but on the game Diamond Dash instead of switching the gem to the other color of gem to connect the three gems, you just have to click the diamonds that are near on each other that are the same. But they still have the same style that when you hit three or more gems or diamonds you can have more points. However in the bejeweled blitz you need to look for coins so you can buy a boosts but on the Diamond Dash you do not need to buy a boosts you just need to click as fast as you can.

This game requires removing three diamonds or more that are similar colors. You just have to click one of the diamonds close to each other. Either straight or look like an “L” make sure that they are connected on each other. You have five hearts that means you have five hearts. Every game has only sixty seconds or one minute to play, but the very beautiful thing in this game you won’t be bore while you are playing this game, there are sounds that you will hear every time you remove same diamonds and once you are faster, you will hear the sounds become high tone. Hint you can pay attention to the sounds while you’re looking for the diamonds that are the same.

There is a Magic Fire that you can make when you click the diamonds as fast as you can and when you can get a Magic Fire you can have bigger explosions. So play fast and nonstop during the sixty minute period, so you can activate the Magic Fire. You can identify if you play fast when you hear the sounds continually and you will see a Magic fire and as soon as you click it there will have a big blast and you can have more score points. And you can get more points or Experience Points. You can reach the higher level when you earn more Experience Points (XP). You can also level up when you get high score bonus.

You can play five times or five minutes and when you want to play another five games, you just need to wait for a short time and start again. Or sometimes the cute Panda will refill your lives to play again, another five minutes you can play. Or you can find help on your friends so you can continue playing the game.

You can find friends and invite friend so you can compete to them. You can challenge them and find out who is the best among you. Some games on the internet are not similar like the Diamond Dash. More of the games on the internet can find and invite friends but you cannot challenge them on the internet, you can visit them but you can’t challenge them.

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